This page represents a small selection of fairly recent projects Fingermouse has been involved with. Some projects cannot be shown here for commercial reasons, particularly where Fingermouse has been sub-contracted on a larger project.

If you'd like to know more about a specific project or have something new that you'd like to discuss, just get in touch.

Fingermouse has also been involved with many sites which have since changed beyond recognition, as is the nature of the Internet. Some highlights of my 20 years in the industry include:

  • Founder member of the Greenbelt Festival web team; built the entire Greenbelt website back-end which supported the entire festival for many years; member of the Greenbelt photography team
  • Webmaster for Riding Lights Theatre Company for many years, from building their first flat-file database website up to creating a full interactive admin system and managing the popular discussion boards.
  • Designed and built the application/UI icon for Vector 15's Silent Sifter macOS application.
  • Designed the logo and a full website for Performance Actors agency in London.
  • Created the websites for Useful Donkey Theatre Company , Antony Dunn (poet) and Matthew Hollis (poet).
  • Designed school websites for PrimarySite .
  • Built a shop system for True Blue Tech .
  • Created a website and back-end admin system for CMJ UK .
  • Created logos and print materials for SpeakersBank , as well as building a data-collecting app for their trainers.
  • Created the certificates, logos and advertising material for Jack Petchey's Speak Out! Challenge .
  • Built a training system called SkillRise that was used to manage training materials for organisations ranging from SSE to the NHS.
  • Wrote an MSc dissertation on building a website for the Student Support Services at Nottingham Trent University
  • Wrestled with the ad-submission systems for several national newspapers after designing regular print ads for various websites.
  • Developed a football-based social network called Scouts Inn that got to full development but never saw the light of day.
  • Wrote an online galaxy creation algorithm allowing generation of 100 billion unique stars and associated planets. This was for a game that never materialised.
  • Travelled to Sofia to work with Bulgarian developers on a website update.
  • Met with developers in Miami at the iDate awards. Offered a job building white-label websites (turned it down).
  • Designed liveries for a number of online virtual airlines .
  • Created short advertising videos for train stations nationwide.
  • Designed a series of adverts used on the London Underground.