Seventy Thirty

7030 Website Seventy Thirty are a partner headhunting service for affluent clients whose work-life balance is 70:30 and who might not have time for meeting people in a more 'traditional' way. Fingermouse has been involved with Seventy Thirty for a number of years and works with them on their various online services.

7030 Admin The primary way that Fingermouse has been involved is the development of a completely bespoke admin system which allows Seventy Thirty to keep track of all their clients, along with searching and communication features. The system has a very fine-grained permission setup so that individual staff members can be limited to certain groups of members or certain admin features. The admin system is located on a separate server from the front end and is branded with the parent company's identity.

7030 Admin The system has to allow multiple administrators to login from wherever they are in the world and interact with client data directly. A simple interface ensures that everything is as clear as possible, and problems can be dealt with swiftly. Many of the clients are paying significant membership fees, so the site needs to have very high availability.

7030 Admin The system is able to send out automatic emails and newsletters, and administrators can contact users via email without ever seeing the client's email address (required for some permission levels). The whole system runs on PHP/MySQL and is regularly updated with new features.