Farnstock Website The Farnstock Festival is a yearly event held in Farnsfield, Nottinghamshire, and Fingermouse designed and built the website, including a completely bespoke back-end. The site needs to completely change its look each year in response to the festival theme, whilst also maintaining a consistent brand. This is managed by having each year's festival having an uploadable brand graphic which is applied to the homepage and other festival pages throughout the site.

Farnstock Website The back-end not only handles page editing but also provides news listings which can be applied to the site in general or tied to a specific event. Artists are held within their own database table so that further information can be looked up can be re-used when artists perform at more than one festival. This also allows artist pages to list those festivals that they appeared at. A separate lineup for each festival which references a database of venues and artists means that the system can automatically build programme listings and present promotional pages without admins having to specifically write content.

Farnstock Website The system as designed could be used for any large event, although it's currently only used for the Farnstock festival. Further down the line, the idea is to open up the code and allow a more flexible templating system so that the system can be made portable and applied to other projects.