Walkerstone Website Walkerstone is one of the few websites based on WordPress that Fingermouse designed and maintains. An earlier site had a customised back-end to allow clients to access training materials, but this was phased out as the business requirements changed and it became more important for Walkerstone to edit the site via a familiar interface.

Walkerstone Website Fingermouse designed a customised WordPress template based around the previous design, and then heavily modified much of the code to allow specific features, such as the homepage video and customised layouts in the various information pages. The different elements of each course page, for example, can be edited separately and retain a specific format so that pages are completely consistent with the minimum of effort.

Walkerstone Website Various contact forms and linking features on the back-end work via plugins to enable Walkerstone to offer bookings for courses as well as people expressing interest in events or add comments to blog posts. The site code is regularly updated and is hosted on a WordPress-specific host in order to enhance security and allow automatic security updates to be applied.